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Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Days of Christmas with SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN

Oh, Serena. She seems so confused these days about life. But a couple of things always remain: 1) she loves being the sexiest girl in the room and; 2) the lust for adventure.

Serena just has to make a dramatic entrance at any event. Even though her life lately has been in shambles, for New Years Eve she is hoping to go scandal free.

1) a sexy lace dress for New Year's Eve

Scandal free it may be but she still needs a hot outfit and a sexy lace dress is exactly what she is hoping for.


2) sexy sky high heels

And, of course, with a sexy dress come sexy shoes!

BRIAN ATWOOD Dante leather platform pumps

3) sexy but ladylike earrings

No outfit is complete without corresponding jewellery. Now that Serena is getting older, she prefers the type of jewellery that her mother wears: sexy but classy.

BOUNKIT "Sunburst" earrings (AED 1650, $450 CAD)

4) something that spells out "danger"

But Serena wouldn't be Serena without a little danger and a little rock 'n roll.

VITA FEDE "DO" Ring (AED 760, $207 CAD)

5) Dan

She has already decided: she wants Dan.

6) Nate

Or maybe Nate? We're confused.

7) some glamorous bubbly

Whatever boy ends up with her, they'll be sipping some delicious bubbly.

Moet The Moët & Chandon "Midnight Gold" edition bottle

8) Eat Pray Love

Serena is still in the process of "finding herself." We thing "Eat Pray Love" might help her. She probably saw the movie but hadn't had a chance to read the book yet (too busy being Serena!).

9) a yoga retreat (preferably in Bali)

She has been dying to go on a yoga retreat for the longest time but Blair made her go to Paris instead... And that's where "Eat Pray Love" takes place! Plus, Lily really owes her big!

10) a glamorous but boho caftan

Sure, she'll rock her yoga get up but there is always some time for cocktaols at the beach bar. Serena has always loved boho maxis.

ROBERTO CAVALLI printed silk-georgette kaftan

11) chandelier earrings

She has been borrowing these from her mother Lily who wore them on her wedding day to Rufus. Of course, she won't give them up so Serena is hoping for a pair of her own.

SIMAN TU aqua glass chandelier earrings (AED 1700, $463 CAD)


We are sure there are some things even Serena can't have. Hmmm, Javier Bardem in "Eat Pray Love." Well, she (and we) can dream, right?

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