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Monday, June 17, 2013

Why We LOVE Clip-on Earrings

At sophiescloset.com, not only do we stock a sensational selection of earrings for pierced ears, we have an abundance of delectable designs that are clip-ons. 

You’ll have noticed that large statement earrings are once again enjoying a major fashion moment, with celebrities, the style conscious and fashionista’s everywhere opting to adorn their earlobes with big, bold clip-on styles. 

Clip-ons are the only way to wear this statement-making oversized earring trend, as the weight would be too much for a pieced earring design, putting too much pressure on the ears. With clip-ons the designs sit perfectly on the ears, without drooping and without the risk of tearing or damaging your ears. 

Beyonce wearing large Vintage Chanel clip-on earrings 

AED 5,200 (US) $1,415

So why did clip-on earrings become so popular? Here’s a few fascinating facts:
During the 20th century pierced ears were considered uncivilized and so screw backs and clip-ons were invented to make it possible for women to wear earrings. 

Even though both pierced styles and clip-ons are desirable today, many of the top costume jewelry designers, such as Kenneth Jay Lane and Miriam Haskell, still prefer to create their beautiful designs with clips.

AED 3,900 (US) $1,062

Costume jewelry is notoriously crafted from large bold stones of various colors, sizes and shapes. The more elaborate the design, the heavier the earrings may become; so clip-ons make the most comfortable and flattering choice. 

In addition to this, clip-on earrings will not drop down the ear, they’ll sit exactly where you want them to - essential for creating a striking impression, whatever the occasion!

AED 1,595 (US) $434

Follow these easy steps to wear your clip-ons in ultimate comfort: 
• Alternate days between wearing heavy clip-ons and more lightweight earrings to give your ears time to recover.
• Always use clip-on pads to reduce the tension on your ear lobes.
• When wearing clip-ons, we recommend removing the earrings every few hours and massage the area that was under the clips to relieve any pressure.

Clip-on earrings have been long been a favorite amongst celebrities and on the catwalks, so why not take the time to give them a try and enjoy them too?

Come back soon for more fashion tips and news about all things rare and pretty…

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing CINER, a Collector's Dream

Vogue (November 1947)

Sophie’s Closet just got heaps more glamorous. We are now the exclusive home to beautiful CINER jewels, considered by most collectors to be the golden era of costume jewellery. This legendary jewellery house was founded in 1892 in New York by Emanuel Ciner, a fine jewellery maker. CINER made the switch to costume jewellery in the 1930s in order to accommodate the Post-Depression era American customer.

Vogue (date unknown)
Pearl Drop Earrings (AED 975/ US $265)

Staying true to their fine craftsmanship, CINER became one of the most established costume jewellery lines during that era, establishing many technical innovations that are still widely used today. Because their work can so easily be mistaken for fine jewels, CINER is sometimes referred to as being the Tiffany of costume jewellery.

Vogue (date unknown)

Vogue (October 1948)
Bow Brooch (AED 995 / US $272)
Insect Brooch (AED940 / US $256)

Their baubles made regular appearances in Vogue and on many Hollywood stars, including the queen of jewellery herself, Elizabeth Taylor. Sources say she once bought over $30,000 worth of CINER jewellery in one hour — that’s an astonishing number! In fact, one of her many CINER sets sold for $15,600 at the now infamous Christie’s auction of her famous jewels.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing her Ciner jewels (1991)

Not only is CINER special for their impeccable craftsmanship and sensational design, but it is also still a tightly-knit family business. Today, after over a century in business, CINER is run by Pat Hill, the granddaughter of Emanuel Ciner. Sophie met with Pat herself in New York, and hand-selected all the gorgeous jewels for our store. Enchanting, elegant, and with a legacy that spans over a century, CINER is the ultimate investment for the serious jewellery lover.