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Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Days of Christmas with SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN

Oh, Serena. She seems so confused these days about life. But a couple of things always remain: 1) she loves being the sexiest girl in the room and; 2) the lust for adventure.

Serena just has to make a dramatic entrance at any event. Even though her life lately has been in shambles, for New Years Eve she is hoping to go scandal free.

1) a sexy lace dress for New Year's Eve

Scandal free it may be but she still needs a hot outfit and a sexy lace dress is exactly what she is hoping for.


2) sexy sky high heels

And, of course, with a sexy dress come sexy shoes!

BRIAN ATWOOD Dante leather platform pumps

3) sexy but ladylike earrings

No outfit is complete without corresponding jewellery. Now that Serena is getting older, she prefers the type of jewellery that her mother wears: sexy but classy.

BOUNKIT "Sunburst" earrings (AED 1650, $450 CAD)

4) something that spells out "danger"

But Serena wouldn't be Serena without a little danger and a little rock 'n roll.

VITA FEDE "DO" Ring (AED 760, $207 CAD)

5) Dan

She has already decided: she wants Dan.

6) Nate

Or maybe Nate? We're confused.

7) some glamorous bubbly

Whatever boy ends up with her, they'll be sipping some delicious bubbly.

Moet The Moët & Chandon "Midnight Gold" edition bottle

8) Eat Pray Love

Serena is still in the process of "finding herself." We thing "Eat Pray Love" might help her. She probably saw the movie but hadn't had a chance to read the book yet (too busy being Serena!).

9) a yoga retreat (preferably in Bali)

She has been dying to go on a yoga retreat for the longest time but Blair made her go to Paris instead... And that's where "Eat Pray Love" takes place! Plus, Lily really owes her big!

10) a glamorous but boho caftan

Sure, she'll rock her yoga get up but there is always some time for cocktaols at the beach bar. Serena has always loved boho maxis.

ROBERTO CAVALLI printed silk-georgette kaftan

11) chandelier earrings

She has been borrowing these from her mother Lily who wore them on her wedding day to Rufus. Of course, she won't give them up so Serena is hoping for a pair of her own.

SIMAN TU aqua glass chandelier earrings (AED 1700, $463 CAD)


We are sure there are some things even Serena can't have. Hmmm, Javier Bardem in "Eat Pray Love." Well, she (and we) can dream, right?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


JENNIFER BEHR Double Scalloped Headwrap (AED 1,390 or $379 CAD)

Here is your chance to kick start the New Year in style! We are giving away our absolute favourite piece by Jennifer Behr to one lucky registered customer. This brilliant Swarovski crystal scallop headwrap was worn by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl during her time at Constance Billard when she was at her most stylish. It's an amazingly versatile piece for almost any occasion. You know you want it!

Miss Blair looking perfect as always

To win: Head to Sophie's Closet and register. That's it! Easy.

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on January 1st, 2011. Good luck!

Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas with BLAIR WALDORF

We know Blair's favourite holiday is Thanksgiving: she just can't resist that pie! But she also loves Christmas because any excuse to dress up and receive gifts is sure to make Blair one happy Upper East Sider. We love to fantasize of what it would be like to be Miss Waldorf: a girl that has everything! Well, even though she appears to have everything, there must be something she is coveting. So we made a list: 12 Days of Christmas with Blair Waldorf! We realize this is very geeky indeed, but it sure was fun... Chuck, you better be reading this!

1) Audrey Hepburn's tub sofa as seen in Blair's favourite film Breakfast at Tiffany's

Everyone knows this is Blair's favourite film and even though Dorota is a very talented decorator, she missed out on one important detail.

2) a cat

Blair's beloved cat "Cat" (also named after Breakfast at Tiffany's) now lives in France with her father and she needs someone to hang out with when her and Serena are fighting.

3) large pearl earrings

CHANEL Vintage Gold Tone Round Pearl Earrings (AED 1450)

To be just like her idol Audrey Hepburn, Blair needs large pearl earrings. She also loves Chanel!

4) a fur hat

She will also need a fur topper to complete the Audrey look! She can also use it to play "Anna Karenina" with Chuck...


5) a glamorous hair piece

JENNIFER BEHR "Flora" CombJennifer Behr (AED 950)

Just because she didn't end up dating a Prince, it doesn't mean that she doesn't want to be a Princess. Taking inspiration again from Audrey Hepburn, Blair would love to have a pretty tiara-like hair piece for those dreamy days.

6) a pretty sequin dress for New Years Eve


Blair needs a pretty party dress for her New Year's Eve party, preferably one that also has a bow!

7) pretty pumps


Of course she also needs pretty shoes to go with the dress. These Valentino ones are so Blair: they have both a bow and lace!

8) a new headband

JENNIFER BEHR Velvet Bow Headband (AED 590)

Now that she is in Ivy League school, she is allowed to wear headbands again. Blair is ecstatic! This velvet bow headband matches that Phillip Lim dress so perfectly.

9) a pearl necklace from Eleanor

JOOMI LIM "Save the Queen" Pearl Necklace (AED 1800)

Blair can't get enough of pearls and she is wishing for more. Nothing says "mother/daughter love" like some pretty baubles!

10) a Audrey Hepburn book from Dorota

Blair knows Dorota also shares her fondness for Audrey Hepburn and even though she loves expensive gifts, she would love nothing more from Dorota than to bond over this book.

11) a friendship bracelet from Serena

CHAN LUU bracelet (AED 390)

Blair wishes for the days when her and Serena would finally stop being frenemies. There friendship has grown over the years and she really hopes that they can solidify their relationship and exchange friendship bracelets.

12) a antique brooch from Chuck

VINTAGE Gold Bow Brooch (AED 590)

Well, to be honest, what she really wants from Chuck is that engagement ring that he lost in Prague. But now that they are "friends," it would be highly inappropriate. However, she still hopes for a meaningful gift: hopefully something antique, one-of-a-kind and with a bow!

Next week: Serena!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We have a couple of more outfit inspirations for the holiday party season. Whether just going out for a nice dinner or to a fabulous party, December is the time to step it up and sparkle.


Sasha Luss photographed by Zhang Jingna for Elle Singapore (December 2010)

If you are a girlie girl, then you love florals and take any opportunity to wear them! Girlie girls also love to accessorize to the max: pearls and jewels. We think Joomi Lim would make a great pairing with any pretty floral dress to maximize that romantic femininity.

From Net-a-Porter: ALICE BY TEMPERLEY dress; BOTTEGA VENETA clutch; MIU MIU pumps
From Sophie's Closet: JOOMI LIM "Secret D'Amour" necklace (AED 1790); JOOMI LIM mini "Bijoux" pearl bracelet (AED 450); JOOMI LIM large pretty "Bijoux" ring (AED 490)


Luize Salmgrieze photographed by Kate Bellm for Tush (Winter 2010)

A true party girl always needs some tulle, sequins, fringe or, in this case, feathers to make her truly stand out at a party without having to be the loudest girl there. We like to keep it classy, of course. We love the combination of our crystal jewels: a little bit of danger with CC Skye's spikey bracelets, a little bit of femininity with Jennifer Behr and a little bit of Old Hollywood class with Joomi Lim and vintage Sherman.

From Net-a-Porter: DVF silk leaf dress; MICHAEL KORS ankle sandals; BOTTEGA VENETA clutch
From Sophie's Closet: JENNIFER BEHR crystal braid (AED 2570); CC SKYE "Starburst" crystal bangle (AED 540); JOOMI LIM large pretty "Bijoux" ring (AED 690); SHERMAN vintage Aurora Borealis earrings (c. 1950s, AED 750)


Karlie Kloss photographed by Raymond Meier for Vogue US (December 2010)

A bit of 80s retro is always fun but we like to keep it contemporary and hip (no spandex for us). 80s were all about glam punk so we paired a pretty yellow Halston dress with our Vita Fede and Joomi Lim spiked numbers. To glam it up just a touch, we added statement pieces like CC Skye's "Femme Fatale" earrings and multiple Vita Fede snakeskin bangles. Very retro but not over-the-top.

From Net-a-Porter: HALSTON dress; ANYA HINDMARCH clutch; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pumps
From Sophie's Closet: CC SKYE "Femme Fatale" earrings (AED 750); VITA FEDE "DO" ring (AED 760); VITA FEDE metallic snakeskin bangles (AED 575 each); JOOMI LIM spike bangles (AED 470)

We hope we've inspired your New Years Eve ensemble!

To view our entire selection, go to www.shopatsophiescloset.com.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sophie's Closet in HARPER's BAZAAR (again!)

Natalia Vodianova on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia (November, 2010)

We were featured in both October and November issues of Harper's Bazaar Arabia! Again, we couldn't be more honored -- it's one of our favourites!

We are loving this red colour story. And we agree: no colour story is complete without some Rachel Leigh's bright "Gumball" rings!

RACHEL LEIGH "Gumball" Ring (AED 350)

As we always say, rock chic never goes out of style. We, just like Harper's Bazaar, prefer more of a sophisticated interpretation on the style. That's shy CC Skye is always perfect for this look. Feminine, sexy and a little bit tough.

CC SKYE "Power" Ring (AED 880)

Jewelry is truly the best gift of all. Who wouldn't love to be gifted with some glamorous CC Skye bracelets ?

CC SKYE Pave Stud Bracelet (AED 1100)

CC SKYE "Starburst" Bangle (AED 540)

Nicole Ritchie graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia (October 2010)

October's issue featured a blue story with our CC Skye (we think CC Skye may be their favourite?) screw bracelet. We love it too. What a perfect companion for a great pair of bright blue denim jeans!

CC SKYE Screw Bracelet (AED 420)

For their glamorous lace story, they included Jacques Fath's stunning pearl ring. Is there a better combination than lace and pearls? We think not!

JACQUES FATH Bal a Versailles Ring (AED 960)

To view more of our stunning pieces, visit shopatsophiescloset.com.