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Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas with BLAIR WALDORF

We know Blair's favourite holiday is Thanksgiving: she just can't resist that pie! But she also loves Christmas because any excuse to dress up and receive gifts is sure to make Blair one happy Upper East Sider. We love to fantasize of what it would be like to be Miss Waldorf: a girl that has everything! Well, even though she appears to have everything, there must be something she is coveting. So we made a list: 12 Days of Christmas with Blair Waldorf! We realize this is very geeky indeed, but it sure was fun... Chuck, you better be reading this!

1) Audrey Hepburn's tub sofa as seen in Blair's favourite film Breakfast at Tiffany's

Everyone knows this is Blair's favourite film and even though Dorota is a very talented decorator, she missed out on one important detail.

2) a cat

Blair's beloved cat "Cat" (also named after Breakfast at Tiffany's) now lives in France with her father and she needs someone to hang out with when her and Serena are fighting.

3) large pearl earrings

CHANEL Vintage Gold Tone Round Pearl Earrings (AED 1450)

To be just like her idol Audrey Hepburn, Blair needs large pearl earrings. She also loves Chanel!

4) a fur hat

She will also need a fur topper to complete the Audrey look! She can also use it to play "Anna Karenina" with Chuck...


5) a glamorous hair piece

JENNIFER BEHR "Flora" CombJennifer Behr (AED 950)

Just because she didn't end up dating a Prince, it doesn't mean that she doesn't want to be a Princess. Taking inspiration again from Audrey Hepburn, Blair would love to have a pretty tiara-like hair piece for those dreamy days.

6) a pretty sequin dress for New Years Eve


Blair needs a pretty party dress for her New Year's Eve party, preferably one that also has a bow!

7) pretty pumps


Of course she also needs pretty shoes to go with the dress. These Valentino ones are so Blair: they have both a bow and lace!

8) a new headband

JENNIFER BEHR Velvet Bow Headband (AED 590)

Now that she is in Ivy League school, she is allowed to wear headbands again. Blair is ecstatic! This velvet bow headband matches that Phillip Lim dress so perfectly.

9) a pearl necklace from Eleanor

JOOMI LIM "Save the Queen" Pearl Necklace (AED 1800)

Blair can't get enough of pearls and she is wishing for more. Nothing says "mother/daughter love" like some pretty baubles!

10) a Audrey Hepburn book from Dorota

Blair knows Dorota also shares her fondness for Audrey Hepburn and even though she loves expensive gifts, she would love nothing more from Dorota than to bond over this book.

11) a friendship bracelet from Serena

CHAN LUU bracelet (AED 390)

Blair wishes for the days when her and Serena would finally stop being frenemies. There friendship has grown over the years and she really hopes that they can solidify their relationship and exchange friendship bracelets.

12) a antique brooch from Chuck

VINTAGE Gold Bow Brooch (AED 590)

Well, to be honest, what she really wants from Chuck is that engagement ring that he lost in Prague. But now that they are "friends," it would be highly inappropriate. However, she still hopes for a meaningful gift: hopefully something antique, one-of-a-kind and with a bow!

Next week: Serena!

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  1. love the sofa-tub! i really like Blair's style + breakfast at Tiffany's