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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OLIVIA PALERMO's Jewellery at Sophie's Closet

Unique and sought after jewellery preferred by our style icon Olivia Palermo is hard to obtain. But since we are so in love with her style, we have been searching the globe! Recently, we acquired some unique pieces worn by Miss Olivia like Noir's pyramid bracelet, LeiVanKash's 'Olivia' ring and, freshly arrived, Lulu Frost brooch bracelet. Of course, we still have our staples like CC Skye's 'Starbust' and 'Pave Pyramid' bracelets.

LeiVanKash 'Olivia' Rose Ring (AED 1,520)

We recently did an interview with the phenomenal designer Leila Kashanipour of LeiVanKash. Her 'Olivia' ring is now available at Sophie's Closet. We are not exaggerating when we say that it's the most beautiful ring we've ever seen! It really is.

LULU FROST Heirloom Brooch Bracelet (AED 1,380)

Another one of Olivia's favorites is Lulu Frost. This is another new designer at Sophie's Closet and we couldn't be more ecstatic! Olivia wore her 'Heirloom Brooch' bracelet on the same occasion as the 'Olivia' ring and they just went together perfectly. This is a unique combination of a vintage brooch and a modern gold chain. Classic yet modern. Very much Olivia.

NOIR Multi Pyramid Bracelet (AED 1,200)

Our love for Noir is well documented on this blog. And Olivia has been seen wearing this line on multiple occasions. Most recently, she wore the 'Multi Pyramid' bracelet to New York Fashion Week. It's now available at Sophie's Closet.

CC SKYE Starburst Bangle (AED 540)

CC SKYE Pave Pyramid Bracelet (AED 1100)

Both these must-have CC Skye pieces have dazzled paps and fans alike. Olivia wears them often whether with a simple casual outfit or to sparkle up the front row.

We have fallen head over our Manolos with these pieces, as has Olivia, and now you can too! Since The City ended, we are desperately waiting for her to have her own show. We'll just have to look at her numerous street style photos for now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sophie's Closet Style Icon: OLIVIA PALERMO

Inside Olivia Palermo's Closet

Her legitimacy in the magazine industry may be debatable (did she really work for Elle Magazine?), but Olivia Palermo can definitely put together an outfit to die for. We admit that we fast forward through most of The City except, of course, when Olivia was on. We can watch her do just about anything for half an hour as long as she looks fabulous. Someone give this girl her own show!

Olivia's apartment

She shops anywhere and everywhere, from Zara and Topshop to Chanel and Hermes to New York City's eclectic vintage shops. Every serious fashionista collects vintage. And, this is what separated Olivia Palermo from all the other characters on The City (and The Hills). While everyone else seemed very pedestrian fashion-wise, Olivia was always refined and well-accessorized. This is not due to her superior financial situation, but rather to her incredible knowledge of costume jewellery and willingness to shop everywhere. "My aunt [Linda Donahue] is a costume jewellery expert, so I understand that it's just as valuable as real jewellery," she told Page Six.

Olivia wearing a mix of vintage and contemporary

Olivia shopping for vintage and wearing the CC SKYE's Pave Stud Bracelet (AED 1,100, $300 CAD)

She frequently visits stores like Topshop and Banana Republic for costume jewellery that resembles vintage. "When I have a replica of a vintage costume piece, I put it in the sun and let it age for a month, just to have it tarnish,” Olivia told Time Out New York. She also frequents New York City's vintage spots in search of statement pieces. Olivia masterfully mixes vintage with contemporary pieces. We love how she combined her CC Skye (her favourite!) "Starburst" bracelet with her rare vintage Trifari bracelet. Known for bright and colourful gems, Trifari dates back to 1918 and is highly coveted by vintage collectors like Olivia.

Olivia wearing vintage twin brooches (or clip-on earrings?)

Vintage Ruby Crystal Clip-on Earrings (AED 390, $122 CAD)

We love Olivia's attention to detail and how she utilizes every single opportunity to make a statement. The way she styled her dress collar with two twin vintage brooches is beyond brilliant. We have gorgeous vintage Trifari pieces that resemble Olivia's: a gorgeous bright gem gold bracelet and an incredible butterfly brooch and earring set.

Olivia wearing vintage TRIFARI and CC SKYE's "Startburst" bracelets (AED 540, $169 CAD)

Vintage TRIFARI bracelet (SOLD)

Vintage TRIFARI Butterfly Set (AED 2,750, $857 CAD)

Other pieces sought by vintage hunters are by Ciner and Hattie Carnegie. Ciner dates back to 1892, with pieces so intricately made that it is often mistaken for fine jewellery. For most fashion enthusiasts, Hattie Carnegie needs no introduction. This legendary fashion entrepreneur started out as a milliner and soon expanded her business to clothing and jewellery, garnering a loyal following by many style icons including the Duchess of Windsor. We just received an incredible Hattie Carnegie bracelet with green and red glass surrounded by rhinestones and faux pearls and matching earrings and the stunning green gem and rhinestone necklace and earring set by Ciner.

Vintage HATTIE CARNEGIE Cabochon Bracelet (AED 3,900, $1,215 CAD)

Vintage HATTIE CARNEGIE Pearl and Rhinestone Earrings (price on request)

Vintage CINER Marbled Emerald Set (AED 11,900 or $3,705 CAD)

But there are also beautiful vintage pieces to be found by 'no name' designers or simply designers that didn't put their names to their work. Olivia often visits Pippin Vintage Jewelry in New York City where she rummages through drawers full of glittering vintage baubles. She has perfected the fine art of mixing vintage with current, a girl after our own heart. And that is why Olivia Palermo is our style icon.

PS. We love her so much that we are going to have to do a Part 2!

Friday, March 18, 2011

PRETTY PICTURES: Spring Jewellery

Vogue Australia (April 2011)

Other than runways, we are always looking at magazine editorials for styling inspiration. Mixing designers and different pieces together is such a work of art and a tricky thing to achieve.

Vogue Australia (April 2011)

Vogue Australia did kind of a tropical bohemian theme here by layering of several necklaces. It's a stunning look and it really works! Gold in different shapes, turquoise flowers and beads are impeccably mixed together. We think we'll be trying this look.

French Revue de Modes S/S

Here is a different take on bohemian by French Revue de Modes. Again, a mix of turquoise and gold but with a little bit of a rock n' roll edge with the studded bracelets. We especially love the antique looking belt.

Harper's Bazaar Australia (April 2011)

Keeping things fairly simple but adding several pops of colour may be the main theme this season. Same goes with jewellery, especially chunky bracelets and bangles. We love the styling in Harper's Bazaar Australia: the layering of several simple necklaces and bracelets. Still remains very minimal.

Harper's Bazaar Spain (March 2011)

For a more tropical and tribal theme on colour-blocking, take note from Harper's Bazaar Spain. Keeping this fairly simple again by just layering multiple colourful bangles.

Harper’s Bazaar US (March 2011)

Is there a season when gold is not in? Well, it's getting a bit of a harder edge this season with chains and studs. We love this multiple chain choker necklace and matching bracelets. Definitely a little on a dangerous side.

Vogue China (April 2011)

Studs and spikes are as hot as ever, as demonstrated by Vogue China. The studded collar and cuffs are sensational. Feels a little bit 1980s, but very glamourous indeed.

Vogue Spain (January 2011)

We were waiting for a chance to post these pics of Sophie's Closet's favourite, Olivia Palermo, since January. She is perfect! We love the sparkly jewels she is wearing, especially the hair pin. Very Sophie's Closet and chic every season.

We are feeling inspired.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SUNNY BRIGHTS... from runways to Sophie’s Closet

Max Mara S/S '11 and Prada S/S '11

This spring/summer season is just soaking in sunny brights! We love the emphasis on yellow and orange as seen on countless runways like Max Mara, Prada, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs and Dior. Not only are the clothes going brighter, but also makeup and accessories. Sophie's Closet is filled with brights of every variety: rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Max Mara S/S '11 and Peter Som S/S '11 makeup

Yellow is such a happy colour, whether soft like our Bounkit drop earrings or neon like our CC Skye screw bracelet. They are bound to brighten anyone's day. If you are really adventurous, wear them with the Peter Som yellow eyeliner!

BOUNKIT Lemon Quartz Drop Earrings (AED 1,590)

KENNETH JAY LANE Enamel Flower Ring (AED 400)

CC SKYE Screw Bracelet (AED 420)

Prada S/S '11 and Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S '11 makeup

Orange is a constant player every summer since it's a coral shade, but it seemed even bigger this year. It's playful and sexy, a sunny alternative to red. We love a big pop of colour and these Kenneth Jay Lane and vintage Chanel star earrings are definitely a great way to bring attention to our faces. But, let's not forget something for our wrists too.

KENNETH JAY LANE Coral Pave Earrings (AED 620)

Vintage CHANEL Enamel Star Earrings (AED 1,280)

VITA FEDE Fascino Triple Wrap (AED 550)

Spring is finally here!