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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

COLOUR THEORY... from runways to Sophie's Closet...

We know that colour is always in, but for this fall season, one of the biggest trends is monochromatic hues from head-t0-toe. We loved rich shades of red, combinations of deep mustard yellows and army greens, winter blues and luxurious shades of brown and burgundy. Wearing one hue all-over produces a very striking image, one that says "I want to be noticed." Of course, we think accessories should play a part in this colour game, whether matching to an exact hue or choosing from a broader spectrum.


Maison Martin Margiela, Bottega Veneta

Margiela's bright red ensemble is striking and Bottega Veneta's provides a softer mix of red and pink. The brightness of the Bounkit earrings would compliment Margiela perfectly, and both Vita Fede and Ettika bracelets would blend in with Bottega Veneta seamlessly.

BOUNKIT Carnelian earrings (AED 1670)

VITA FEDE Como Single Hex (AED 285)

ETTIKA Deerskin Leather and Crystal Chain Braid Bracelet (AED 330)


Burberry Prorsum, Akris

Green and mustard are both quintessential fall colours. We loved the army theme at Burberry and its mixing and matching of soft and hard elements: for example, wearing a silk dress underneath a military jacket. Akris offered an elegant but androgynous pant-suit. We think Vita Fede's bracelets would compliment both looks, or to dress it up we'd go for Siman Tu earrings.

VITA FEDE Como Wrap Circle Double (AED 360)

VITA FEDE Como Wrap Double Cone (AED 360)

SIMAN TU Green Jade Chandelier Earrings (AED 1700)


Rachel Roy, Oscar de la Renta

We love the almost turquoise shade of blue by Rachel Roy (who says turquoise is for summer only?) and Siman Tu's chandelier earrings or Ettika's braided bracelet would add just a little bit of sunshine to this light blue winter ensemble. In contrast, we love Oscar de la Renta's deep navy blue, also an unexpected shade for fall.

SIMAN TU Aqua Glass Chandelier Earrings (AED 1700)

ETTIKA Deerskin Leather and Crystal Chain Braid Bracelet (AED 330)

VITA FEDE Como Wrap Circle Double (AED 360)


Salvatore Ferragamo, Tse

Fall is not fall without brown or burgundy. Both are easy colours to pull off head-t0-toe. We especially love all the layering at both Ferragamo and Tse: what perfect fall looks! Mix shades of deep brown with gold for the ultimate fall experience. We suggest Vita Fede, Jennifer Behr (in lieu of a hat) and Rachel Leigh's adorable "Olivia" bow bracelet.

VITA FEDE Como Wrap Cone Double (AED 360)

JENNIFER BEHR Sailor's Knot Gold (AED 1100)

RACHEL LEIGH "Olivia" Snakeskin Bracelet (AED 350)


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