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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All About Stacking

Adoring your arm with a stack full of bangles is once again a major top trend. Stacking bangles is an art form, requiring a perfect mix of colours, textures and various size bracelets and bangles.
Blake Lively 

Drew Barrymore

Olivia Palermo

To get your arms looking as beautiful as Drew, Olivia & co, just follow our guide on how to stack your arm candy in the most stylish way:
1. Odd numbers are more visually appealing, so start with just three or five bangles. Wear more if you feel comfortable to gain maximum impact.
2.Keep to the same shades or styles i.e. all gold. Crystals are a neutral and can be worn with whites or silvers.
Sarah Jessica Parker

3.Pick a theme and stick to it! (For example; edgy, preppy or ethnic.) An edgy spike bracelet will look out of place alongside a tribal friendship bracelet.
Heidi Klum

4. Consider the fit of your bracelets. Bangles with a larger circumference will sit lower on the wrist and fall over smaller sized bracelets. Keep to similar sizes for a clearer, more streamlined look.  
5. Start with the largest, boldest or widest bracelet toward your elbow and add smaller bracelets as you move towards your wrist. (Sometimes this rule can be broken by making the SECOND TO THE TOP bracelet the biggest instead of the first.) See what suits your arms best.

6. Watches can also be added to your stacking selection – just follow the rules above and ensure the size and colour complements your bracelets.
7. It’s OK to experiment and add in other materials, such as leather, thread or plastic. Again, just keep to your chosen colour theme.
8. With all this attention being drawn to your wrists, it’s advised to keep your nails manicured or painted, as they’ll now also be on display.
And remember…

The ever-glamouours stylist, editor and designer, Rachel Zoe always uses the phrase ‘more is more is more’. When it comes to stacking bangles along your arm – this phrase is only too true!
Follow these rules and simple steps to earn yourself some serious stacking-chic style cred!

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