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Saturday, August 13, 2011

FALL FLORALS... inspired by LANVIN F/W 2011

Lanvin F/W 2011

Lanvin is definitely one of our favourite runway collections for the fall season. Of course, Alber Elbaz always does beautiful clothing, but this time we couldn't take our eyes off the jewels. Opulent and vintage inspired florals took centre stage against the backdrop of crisp and sculptural tailoring. Since we are always in for a little floral action, we are all over this look.

VINTAGE Extra Large Rhinestone Earrings
ERICKSON BEAMON 'Gold Digger' Earrings
LEIVANKASH 'Olivia' Rose Ring
LULU FROST Crystal Mesh Bracelet

The big dramatic flower is so incredibly stunning, it would look great with anything, let alone a pink Lanvin dress. And it looks so wonderfully vintage: part Victorian, part art deco.

ERICKSON BEAMON 'Great Expectation' Bracelet
ERICKSON BEAMON 'Gold Digger' Ring
NOIR Pave Floral Ring
ERICKSON BEAMON 'Pomp & Circumstance' Bracelet

Then there are these beautiful stacked floral cuffs. Again, slightly on the antique side. So lovely juxtaposed against the modern and sculptural red Lanvin dress.

In this case, size really does matter. Choose big statement pieces and layer them together. Because, according to Lanvin, multiple florals are as chic as it gets!

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