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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jewellery Inspiration: JAK & JIL

We are big fans of street style. Okay, maybe not your average street but the streets of New York, Milan and Paris during fashion weeks when all the editors and fashion insiders come out decked out in the latest and perfectly accessorised. And they always take risks, mixing different styles together. It's the same when it comes to jewellery.

KENNETH JAY LANE Double Lion Head Bracelet;
VITA FEDE Vero Snakeskin Bracelet

Our favourite is Jak & Jil, a blog run by a fashion photographer Tommy Ton, precisely because he shoots a lot of accessories. The images are absolutely stunning and style inspiring. It always prompts us to push the envelope a bit and pull out some of the pieces we haven't worn in a while.

KENNETH JAY LANE Snake Bracelet;
VITA FEDE Chain Snakeskin Bracelet

RACHEL LEIGH Gumball Ring;
VITA FEDE Como Hex Bracelet

JOOMI LIM Spike Bracelets;
CC SKYE Pave Stud Bracelet

CHAN LUU Wrap Bracelets;
VITA FEDE Como Hex Bracelet

The styling provides us with endless combinations: things we would never pair up before now make so much sense. We think of it as the runway outside the runway. And New York Fashion Week is just around the corner!

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