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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing NOIR

Jeniffer Lopez wearing NOIR in her "Fresh Out The Oven" video

Just as we thought things couldn't get more exciting, we received our first order of NOIR. This hip and edgy jewelry line is becoming a celebrity favourite for major style leaders such as Madonna, Beyonce, Olivia Palermo, and has made appearances on Gossip Girl. NOIR is also coveted by fashion insiders like Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Moschino, who have all collaborated with the label for their own fashion shows and events.

Known for its sophisticated punk rock style, NOIR is prefect for women that don't like to play it safe. Because, sometimes, pretty comes in form of spikes.

Smooth Pyramid Bracelet (AED 350, $95 CAD)

Alternate Pave Pyramid Bracelet (AED 950, $259 CAD)

Olivia wearing NOIR pyramid bracelet

Olivia Palermo seems to agree. She has been photographed on numerous occasions wearing her pyramid bracelets. We just love Olivia. And we love how she paired her ladylike Giambattista Valli ensemble with pink heels but then spiced it up with NOIR.

Long Mace Ball Earrings (AED 485)

Of course, if we were Olivia, we would have added these ball earrings too, small enough to blend in with the hair, but just large enough to dazzle through.

Cone Pyramid Ring (AED 390)

Lady Gaga wearing pyramid rings

One can say that Lady Gaga sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Lopez. Sure, she is out there, but she is also incredibly fun style-wise. She is a risk-taker, and in this case, it works thanks to the mix of feminine elements with punk-ish NOIR rings.

Twisted Pyramid Ring (AED 35o)

Pave Braided Bangle (AED 890, $278 CAD)

Of course, if one is not so much into spikes, don't fret: NOIR has pretty non-spikey options like the twisted ring and the braided bangle. Both are very classically elegant and glamorous. This line is truly magnificent! We look forward to receiving more NOIR in the future.

To purchase these pieces, head to www.shopatsophiescloset.com or email Sophie.

Next week, we will be looking at the Golden Globes' red carpet! We are cheering for one of our favourites, Natalie Portman.

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