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Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching Up With GOSSIP GIRL Accessories

We are loving the start of Gossip Girl season 4. Things are getting really juicy with the Chuck vs Blair war and the impending return of Little J. We admit that the other storyline involving the new character Juliet's hunt for Serena's dignity is a little boring; we can put up with some boredom as long as the girls are looking as fabulous as they've been this season.

Episode 1 "Belles du Jour":
SIMAN TU Five Strand Pearl Choker (AED 3600)

Blair has always been #1 on the Gossip Girl style watch. Maybe it's because she loves the same designers as we do -- Siman Tu and Bounkit -- and she is always perfectly accessorized. In Paris, she played up her flirty feminine style with bold prints and big statement accessories like Siman Tu's pearl choker and the "Butterfly" necklace. In New York, she keeps her style a little more minimal, sticking to one or two colours and simpler accessories like the pink blazer paired with a purple Bounkit amethyst cuff.

Episode 2 "Double Identity":
SIMAN TU "Butterfly" Necklace (price on request)

Episode 2 "Double Identity":
SIMAN TU Tiara (AED 3150)

Episode 3 "The Undergraduates":
BADGLEY MISCHKA Victoria Bow Necklace (price on request)

Episode 5 "Goodbye Columbia":
BOUNKIT Faceted Amethyst Cuff (AED 2200)

Episode 3 "The Undergraduates":
SIMAN TU Cuff (price on request)

Blair may be #1 on our style watch, but that doesn't mean that we aren't head-over-heels in love with Serena's, Lily's and Vanessa's style. This season, Serena looks more beautiful than ever (and we are keeping fingers crossed for her and Nate). Her style is becoming more sophisticated with time and she is becoming a budding classic beauty like her mother Lily. It's no wonder they both wore this Siman Tu cuff this season (Lily wore the grey stone version of it in "Double Identity").

Episode 2 "Double Identity":
SIMAN TU Malachite Drop Necklace (price on request)

Lily has always worn Siman Tu but this drop necklace may be the most stunning one yet! Paired with a brown silk dress and one of her signature chignons, Lily is absolute perfection.

Episode 1 "Belles du Jour":
BOUNKIT Turquoise Amethyst Bracelet (price on request)

No, we are not forgetting about Vanessa. Why does this poor girl always end up being dumped by Dan? She is so stunningly beautiful! She stays true to her bohemian roots but that doesn't mean she skimps on expensive accessories: Vanessa also loves Bounkit! We definitely approve of her taste in bracelets, especially the amazing cuff she paired with a Catherine Malandrino dress in "Goodbye Columbia." She wore the orange one, but we have it in a stunning green onyx. C'mon Dan, get it together!

Episode 5 "Goodbye Columbia":
BOUNKIT Cuff with Faceted Green Onyx (AED 2200)

Episode 5 "Goodbye Columbia":
BOUNKIT Earrings (AED 1520)

We wonder whether Little J will return with the same goth punk look or whether she had a makeover over the summer (we are hoping for a makeover).

We'll make sure to catch up with our favourite show again soon. You know you love us! Xoxo.

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