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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Harper's Bazaar (June 2009).

Remember when headbands and headpieces were not in style? Life was bland and boring. But then Jennifer Behr came and re-introduced headbands back into our lives. Soon after, they were on Gossip Girl, on the fashionable pages of Vogue and Instyle, and on the gorgeous heads of Hollywood celebrities. They are, hopefully, making their way into your accessory drawer because it's our firm belief that every woman should own something by Jennifer Behr.

Jennifer Behr Knotted Crystal (AED 980)

A trained milliner, Jennifer Behr designs an intricate range of headpieces from hair pins to veils. They cover a great spectrum of styles, from daytime casual, to punk-rock chic, to evening elegant, to bridal. She calls them "21st century crowns" (we love that term!). And they are just as beautiful as crowns, sparkling with gorgeous crystals. Each piece is handmade in her Brooklyn studio, maintaining the luxurious craftsmanship.

"Making accessories by hand is incredibly important to me. I believe anything created by hand carries a soul in it that resonates with people." - Jennifer Behr, Martha Stewart Weddings (February 2010)

Jennifer Behr Double Crystal Scallop Headwrap (AED 1390)

Inspired by Old Hollywood glamour and the 1920s "flapper era," Jennifer Behr created her signature look of accessories that echo the golden age of Hollywood but with a very contemporary twist. It's no wonder that sophisticated actresses like Natalie Portman, January Jones, Amy Adams, and Maggie Gyllenhaall look for Jennifer Behr accessories for all the major events.

Jennifer Behr Crystal Figure 8 and Chain (AED 1995)

Instyle (January 2010)

Jennifer Behr Overlapping Crystal Twist (AED 1000)

Natalie Portman

Jennifer Behr Crystal Wing Bobby Pin (AED 420)

Natalie Portman

There are the more casual pieces too. We especially love the sailor-inspired ones with stripes and knots. These headpieces are a perfect way to spice up any outfit and could look adorable with just a T-shirt and jeans. It makes us want to plan a holiday in the French Riviera. And then, right after, go to some fabulous ball! That's what we love about Jennifer Behr: there is a headpiece for every occasion. We can't get enough!

Jennifer Behr Petite Crystals and Pearls on Grosgrain Headwrap (AED 650)

Jennifer Behr Sailor's Knot Gold (AED 1100)

Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl (thank you for bringing headbands back!)

Vogue (June 2009)

We are also really excited to carry the upcoming F/W 2010 collection. It's gorgeous! We can't wait to share it with you!


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