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Monday, April 26, 2010

ROCK CHIC... from runways to Sophie's Closet

On the runway...

Balmain, Prada, Balenciaga

For what was once street style, rock chic seems to get reinterpreted every year in high end fashion. Most recently, Christophe Decarnin of Balmain has transformed the look into a "new rock meets Parisian sophistication," spawning many celebrity fans, most notably Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.

Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Chanel

Although the trend has been going on for awhile, it was once reserved for a full-on look that only rock stars could pull off. The new, updated look mixes feminine fashions with rock hard street edge. Chains, studs, spikes and leather details are becoming everyday accessories. Even the ultimate feminine house of Chanel is introducing some studs and chains and mixing them with very delicate garments made of silk and lace.

Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander Wang

Christian Louboutin, Sonia Rykiel, Vionnet

As Chanel knows, accessories are the best way to bring out one’s hard edge. This season, many shoe and bag trends focus on metal detailing like studs, chains and zippers. Balmain mixed soft pinks, gold chain mesh and metal studs to their summer sandals while Christian Louboutin introduced large metal spikes to his soft pleated suede bags.

In Sophie’s Closet...

Sophie’s Closet has it all: chains, studs, spikes, and black leather!


Vita Fede 'Vero' Black Snakeskin Zipper Bracelet (AED 800)

Vita Fede "Fasino" Triple White Bracelet, 24 carat gold plated (AED 495)

Vita Fede "Fasino" Triple Natural Snakeskin Bracelet (AED 495)

Rachel Leigh Suede Chain Cuff (AED 590, available in silver/black)

Chain detailing can be both feminine and classic and tough and edgy. Vita Fede’s ‘Vero’ chain and zipper bracelet is very rock cool while ‘Fasino’ is a little more on the feminine side, especially with its use of white and snakeskin leather. Rachel Leigh’s suede and multi-chain cuff is a great “meet in the middle” alternative.


Vita Fede 'DO' Ring (AED 760)

Joomi Lim Single Spike Bangle (AED 420) & Double Spike Bangle (AED 470)

Joomi Lim 'Love Hurts' Bracelet (AED 930)

CC Skye Black 'Rosary' Bracelet with Stud (AED 250)

Of course nothing says rock ‘n roll and punk like studs and spikes. Whether minimalist and classic or mixed with pearls for a touch of femininity, this look is a staple of rock chic. Vita Fede’s ‘DO’ stud ring and Joomi Lim’s spike bangle are classic and clean-cut ways to add a little ‘punk’ to your wardrobe. Sometimes elegance can be found in the simplicity of design. For Joomi Lim’s ‘Love Hurts’ bracelet and CC Skye’s ‘Rosary,’ spikes are mixed with pearls for a more lady-like take


CC Skye Leather Heart and Spike Necklace (AED 550)

CC Skye Screw Bracelet (AED 420)

CC Skye Single Wrap Bracelet, 18K Gold Plated (AED 870)

Rock n’ roll and leather go way back. So it’s no wonder that CC Skye has capitalized on the edgy girl’s love of leather with beautiful compositions of black leather and gold. The leather heart necklace makes for a sweet take on the edgy look, but not too sweet because a true rock n’ roll girl never gets too girly. CC Skye’s black leather bracelets are made luxurious with the mix of gold studs and chains: classic ‘rock chic’ accessories that can be worn with almost anything.


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